Координационный Совет по Транссибирским перевозкам
Coordinating Council on
Trans-Siberian Transportation


The Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC or EAEC) is an international organization, established for effective promotion of the creation by its member states of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space and fulfillment of other tasks and objectives, related to economic and humanitarian cooperation.

The main objectives of the Community are:

  • completing the formalization of a free trade regime in all respects, creating a unified customs tariff and a unified system of nontariff regulation measures;
  • securing free movement of capital;
  • harmonizing the principles and conditions for introduction of a common currency of the EAEC;
  • laying down the common rules for trade in goods and services and their access to internal markets;
  • creating a common unified system of customs regulation;
  • drafting and implementing of intergovernmental grant programmes;
  • creating equal conditions for production and entrepreneurial activities;
  • forming a common transportation market and a unified transport system;
  • forming a common energy market;
  • securing equal access by foreign investment to the markets of the member states;
  • securing freedom of movement within the EAEC for the citizens of its member states;
  • harmonization of social policies aimed at forming a community of social states, which provides for a common labour market, a common education space, harmonized approaches to the issues of heathcare, labour migration etc;
  • converging and harmonizing national legislation;
  • ensuring the coordination of the legal systems of the EAEC member states with a view to creating a common legal space within the Community.

CCTT-EAEC Cooperation on transport policy under the EAEC Integration Committee

A representative of the Secretariat of the Transport Policy Council under the EAEC Integration Committee is a member of the CCTT IT Development Working Group and participates in the sessions of the group and drafting of proposals for elimination of barriers caused by custom formalities and hampering transit freight traffic.

The Secretariat took part in the 20th meeting of the Transport Policy Council under the EAEC Integration Committee on 24th June 2011 in Almaty.