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CCTT Secretariat Participated in FERRMED’s Conference on Long and Heavy Trains 10.03.2013 23:51

The Conference “Long and Heavy Trains: The Way to EU Rail Freight Competitiveness” was held at the EC Parliament (Brussels) on 6th March 2013. The event was arranged by the FERRMED non-profit association, a partner of the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation. The aim of the conference was to discuss the prospects of introduction of Full FERRMED Standards on the EC Railway Core Network, stipulating regular operation of freight trains, reaching 1500 m length and 5000 tonnes.


The conference was attended by over 200 delegates. The conference attracted a wide range of transport specialists, officials and stakeholders: it was attended by representatives of the Belgian Federal Service on Mobility and Transports, Federal Government of Belgium, the EU Committee of Regions, the European Commission, the European Parliament, as well as railways, carriers, largest ports of Europe and international transport associations and users of transport services. 


Russia was represented by CCTT Secretary General Gennady Bessonov and Deputy Head of Central Traffic Management Direction of Russian Railways Anatoly Kuzhel.
Mr. Bessonov made a speech on the current situation on prospects of development of the Transsib transport corridor. 


Mr. Kuzhel presented RZD’s broad experience in heavy trains operation and freight transport development on the Trans-Siberian Route.