Координационный Совет по Транссибирским перевозкам
Coordinating Council on
Trans-Siberian Transportation


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CCTT Secretariat Participates in CCI Logistics Confab 27.03.2013 23:53

On 27 March 2013 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation  held a roundtable discussion on the innovative technologies in anticipation of the Eurasian Economic Union (to be established in 2015 by the Customs Union member states: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan). The event was organized by the CCI Logistics Committee, the International Logistics Club and the Guild of Logistics Operators of the CCI of Moscow.

The attendees analysed the international practice of standardization of transport documents and interdepartmental transport co-operation, discussed some aspects of Single Window development and introduction, dwelled on the constraints of transit development in Russia and speculated about the prospects of a supra-departmental governmental body that could coordinate transport activities. The discussion also touched upon the prospect of certification of forwarding services in Russia.