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the Conference on Smart Container Global Monitoring System and the Symposium on Innovations in Logistics 04.02.2019 09:54

On January 29-31, 2019, in Changchun (China), with the support of Jilin Province Department of Commerce, the Conference on Smart Container Global Monitoring System and the Symposium on Innovations in Logistics were held in the framework of One Belt - One Way Initiative and the CCTT work on the development of Trans-Siberian route transit traffic through Far East Region.

The events were organized by CCTT Secretariat and Changchun International Land Port (CCILP), and co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jilin Province, Changchun Xin Long Free Trade Zone Management Committee and Xian Microelectronics Technology Research Institute.

The conference and symposium were attended by the heads and plenipotentiaries of Jilin Province Administration, Changchun (Xinglong) Integrated Customs Zone Management Committee, the Import and Export Committee, China Inspection and Certification Group, China Association of Communications and Transport, 771 Institute of the 9th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (Xian Research Institute of Microelectronic Technologies), customs services of China and Russia, railways and transport-logistic companies from China, Russia, Latvia, Poland and Germany, as well as Chinese shipping companies, ports, IT-companies, insurance and financial institutions (over 150 people in total).





One of the main goals of the event was to promote the latest information technologies in transport and logistics. In particular, CCILP Managing Director Roger Jung presented the latest Chinese development - an innovative IT product «CARGO DOG», which is based on the global Smart Container system and provides monitoring of the cargo location and preservation in containers.

The lively interest of the conference participants was aroused by the speeches on CCTT practical work on developing container transportation of goods on Trans-Siberian route in international traffic by the CCTT General Secretary Gennady I. Bessonov, on the experience of information interaction in freight traffic along the China-Europe-China route by the Head of the Information Department of Russian Railways K.V. Semion, and on the development of electronic marketplace "Freight traffic" and the realization of the project "CCTT Integrational digital platform " by the CEO of "Digital Logistics" A.V. Kochukov.

During the conference a seminar “Jilin Silk Road– the New Trans-Siberian Corridor through Hunchun border crossing” also took place. The participants were introduced to successful intermodal container services offered on the Trans-Siberian route. Related to the optimization of logistic processes issues were discussed in a working format.

During a visit to Changchun Container Terminal, Multimodal Transport Customs Control Center and Changchun Xin Long Free Trade Zone, it was noted that Jilin Province has a fairly large cargo base for development of freight traffic through Hunchun border crossing (agricultural products, timber, car components, etc.). At the same time e-Commerce Center and opening of the international postal exchange experimental point will allow to organize the rail transportation of postal items on a regular basis.

During the event, a Memorandum of Cooperation and Interaction in information technologies was signed between the International Land Port of Changchun (CCILP) and Digital Logistics LLC.

As a result of the conference, a Declaration to establish an Alliance of interested parties for developing and implementation of united unified international standards for Smart Container and other electronic software and hardware navigation and control devices throughout the China-Europe route on CCTT basis was signed.

It was noted that in order to ensure an appropriate level of digital interaction between participants in the international transportation process and national IT systems, the CCTT should fulfill the role of an integrative digital resource that will allow to create a united digital transport and logistics space.

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