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The discussion session “How digitalization contributes to cargo safety” was held during the exhibition “TransRussia-2018” 18.04.2018 17:17

The discussion session “How digitalization contributes to cargo safety” was held with the support of the CCTT during the International transport and logistics conference “TransRussia-2018” on April 18, 2018.

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The session was moderated by Natalia Stepanova, Deputy Secretary General of the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian transportation.

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The main participants of the event were: Vladimir Chepets, Head of the Federal Agency for railway transport (ROSZHELDOR) - Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Sergey Medvedev, Director General of the Federal state enterprise “Departmental protection of railway transport of the Russian Federation”, Maculevics, Arnis, Chairman of the Board of LLC “Latvian railway guard”, Igor Milostny, 1st Deputy head of Railways, JSC "Ulan-Bator railway", Igor Androsov, Head of the technical service of the Belarusian Railways, Inessa Yakovleva, Deputy head of the Department of Informatization of Russian Railways, Sandra Juno, Director freight, International Union of Railways (UIC), Marie Hélène Bonneau, Senior Advisor, Department for the protection of the International Union of Railways (UIC), Zhang Xiao Tong, Chairman, Changchun international Land Port Development co., Ltd, Victor Krylov, General Director of JSC "IPK Strazh", Sergei Kiselev, Director of development and innovation “National telematic systems”, Vladimir Padalitza, Deputy General Director of “TransRail-BCH”, project Manager of CCTT “GTLP”.

The participants discussed a wide range of issues, the main of which were: what competencies and services should be developed in the era of digitalization of the economy, the necessary legislative initiatives for the development of digital logistics, experience in the use of intelligent systems for tracking the movement of goods and electronic seals in the implementation of container cargo in the Euro-Asian, CCTT project “Security train”, information technologies of interaction of national security structures and the division of responsibility between them in the protection of container traffic in the communication China-Europe-China with the use of ELD, prospects for the introduction of technology IoT (Internet of things) on the basis of ELD, information and technological security.