Координационный Совет по Транссибирским перевозкам
Coordinating Council on
Trans-Siberian Transportation


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XХI Plenary meeting of the International association “Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation” 27.09.2012 00:02

In accordance with the invitation of President of JSC VR Group Ltd. Mr. Mikael Aro the 21st Plenary meeting of the International association “Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation” (CCTT) will take place in Helsinki on September 27-28, 2012 (Crowne Plaza Hotel). 

The meeting will be attended by more than 250 delegates of the CCTT as well as other participants from 24 countries: the management of Russian, European, Asian, CIS and Baltic railway administrations, ports of Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and China, shipping companies, international transport organizations: the Organization for Railways Cooperation (OSJD), the International Union of Railways (UIC), International Rail Transport Committee (CIT), national and international associations of freight forwarders, Federal tariff service of Russia, Transport Ministries of Russia and Finland, Ministry of regional development of Russia, Eurasian Economic Committee, as well as representatives of regional and municipal administrations of Finland.

The meeting will be focused not only on the main aspects the functioning of the Trans-Siberian transport corridor, harmonizing international cargo documentation procedures, but also on the measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of container transportation between Europe, the Baltic states, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region using the Trans-Siberian mainline under global competitive conditions.

The agenda also includes the first meeting of the Global Team of Experts of UIC on International Transport Corridors, consisting of the experts of UIC, the CCTT, OSJD, ITC UNECE, ESCAP, CIT and FIATA. The competence of the CCTT covers the issues of transport modeling (the model of relations between delivery time advantages and economic efficiency, development of a through rate concept) and logistics.

The decisions that will be taken at the 21st Plenary meeting of the CCTT will provide the basis for further improvement of Trans-Siberian transportation, development of the Trans-Siberian route as an international transport corridor and for attracting additional transit and bilateral cargo volumes to the Trans-Siberian mainline.


The Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation is a non-commercial international transport association founded in 1997 by the Ministry of Railway Communication of the Russian Federation (since 2003 — after the restructuring — JSC Russian Railways), DB AG, GETO (Association of European Transsiberian Operators and Forwarders), and KIFFA (Korean International Freight Forwarders Association).

The purposes of the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation include attracting transit and foreign trade cargo to the Trans-Siberian route; coordinating activities of companies that participate in international cargo transportation on the TSR to ensure high-quality delivery of goods and development of economic relations between countries of South-East Asia, Far and Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe based on using the infrastructure of Russian railways.

According to the Statutes of the CCTT, the President of the JSC Russian Railways is Chairman of the Council on a permanent basis. Deputy Chairmen are presidents of Russian, European, South Korean, and Japanese freight forwarder associations that are members of the CCTT. As of September 27, 2012. the CCTT has 101 members, including 48 Standing and 53 Associate members from 23 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland,Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Mongolia, Japan, China and Republic of Korea.