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7th International Railway Congress 04.10.2012 23:49

From October 25 to October 26, 2012, Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen e. V. (VDV) will hold a congress in Berlin.

VDV - is an Association of German Railway Companies and has nearly 200 members consisting of companies from the transport and infrastructure industry. 
For ten years, they have been organizing international congresses for their members, their customers and cooperation partners. The congress in Berlin is about:

"Prospects for the Future of East Western Railway Transportation, especially Railway concepts between West, Middle and East Europe and Asia".

The following topics will be discussed:

- How is the increased volume affecting the trade routes?
- What are the possibilities of the East-West transport railway transportation?
- How are the Railway systems in Eastern Europe and Asia developing?
- Which corridors are in use and which are currently planned?
- Which companies offer East-West railway transportation?
- How competitive is the railway system and how are the transport systems continuing to develop?
- Situation and Prospects of the Transsiberian Corridor"
- What are the current conditions for railway transport? What are the actual problems and/or constraints? 
- Which solutions are possible and which are currently planned?

150 to 200 participants are expected to come from different countries in Europe, who will represent an interesting mix of customers and providers.

For more information about VDV, please visit a website (www.vdv.de).