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InterRail news 19.12.2014 01:00

An eventful year is rapidly nearing its end. Considerable turbulences, both political and economic, are leaving their marks. In the midst of manifold global changes, there were substantial challenges to be met. In all likelihood, they will remain with us also next year.

In the market: opposing trends

On the one hand, we notice marked growth tendencies in Eurasian traffics. Which the figures the CCTT (Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation) presented in November confirm. On the other hand, the crisis in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions have had a massive impact on the direct traffics to Russia. At times, other transit traffics were affected, too. As in 2014, we will keep you fully posted on the situation in general, on current trade restrictions and developments in customs regulations, in order to safeguard the smooth handling of the traffics while at the same time complying with the prevailing restrictions. We do hope the situation will soon improve. 

Fortunately, the international relations of Iran have eased somewhat. An agreement seems to be possible now between the parties involved in the conflict. We assume that, as a consequence, also the traffics from, to, and through Iran will increase again.

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