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TransInvest President Werner Albert 75 05.01.2015 07:22

St. Gallen, 05 January 2015. On January 4, 2015, Werner Albert, President of the Board of TransInvest Holding AG and one of its main shareholders, celebrated his 75th birthday. The Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, registered TransInvest Group comprises 122 independent entities in 35 countries. Among these are also the business organizations of the international forwarding and logistics group Militzer & Münch and of rail freight provider InterRail, the Iranian PTB Group as well as companies in the logistics, real estate, and finance sectors.

All through his professional career, Werner Albert’s special focus has been on Eurasian traffics. To this day, apart from his business duties for the TransInvest Group, he still supports this sector in his role as Vice Chairman of the International Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transports at the side of Vladimir Yakunin, the President of the Russian Railway AG. As Honorary President, he also actively supports the Association of European Transsiberian Operators and Forwarders. “I see with great joy see that our joint efforts towards the development of the Europe-Asia land bridge are evidently bearing fruit. Regular traffics between China and European countries have long left the testing phase behind; they have become part of everyday business”, he said looking back on 2014.

In view of the currently difficult, economical and geo-political tensions worldwide, Albert dismisses any idea of stepping down. He sees new challenges for the Group he presides over, as well as new chances TransInvest wants to make use of.  “We plan to restructure our eastbound rail traffics, for instance, to absorb the effects of the Russia crisis on the one hand, but also to be able to offer our customers more attractive products. We want to make even more offensive use of the growing interest in China in rail traffics to Europe. For us, new synergies are generated also as we combine our operations in Central Asia with our activities at the Persian Gulf”, says Albert on the tasks ahead in 2015.

Concerning the crisis in the relations between Russia and the West, Werner Albert  won’t allow a pessimistic view.  “I have been active as an expert on East-West rail traffics for over 40 years. During this time, East-West traffic has gone through a series of crises – the Cold War between the Super Powers, the fall of the Soviet Union and the total chaos in the traffics of the region it caused temporarily, the Russian financial crisis of 1998 and also the crisis of 2007/2008. We’ve never given up finding solutions to the current challenges.  And I am glad that my competence in this and other sectors of international transport and logistics relations is still in demand”, he says, looking ahead.