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CCTT Working Group “Container Transportation”

CCTT Working Group “Container Transportation”

On May 25, 2021, a meeting of the CCTT Working Group “Container Transportation” was held in the format of a videoconference under the chairmanship of Gennady Bessonov, CCTT Secretary General. The meeting was attended by representatives of railways and seaports, operators and freight forwarders, as well as representatives of transport and logistics companies from Russia, Europe and Asia, more than 120 people from 12 countries. 

The meeting participants discussed the current situation, constraints and measures taken to develop Euro-Asian multimodal container transportation. The main topic of the reports and speeches of the CCTT members was the development of container transportation through the border crossings of Uud/Erlian and Naushki/Sukhbaatar, Zabaikalsk/Manchuria, Grodekovo/Suifenhe, Mahalino/Hunchun. 

Representatives of the companies FESCO, TransContainer and Global Ports noted the need to develop a multimodal railway container service through the Far Eastern ports and to increase the number of trains in the Asia-Europe connection via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Eurosib Spb-TS and UBJD noted an increase in the volume of transit cargo transportation through Mongolia. The meeting participants and speakers made a key emphasis on the need of the infrastructure developing at border crossings in order to increase the capacity and volumes of cargo transportation. Among other existing problems, the low share of Japanese cargo in container trains traveling to Europe via Russia was noted. In this regard, it is necessary to attract an additional cargo base and increase the number of trains.

Ensuring uninterrupted delivery of goods is impossible without large transport and logistics centers, which today exist on the territory of China, but are absent on the Far Eastern borders of the Russian Federation near border crossings. The participants of the meeting proposed to construct such logistics hubs, which will attract additional cargo volumes and reduce delivery time. 

Reference: The CCTT WG "Container Transportation" was established on the results of the 29th CCTT Plenary Meeting. The main task of the group is the development of transit and import-export traffic through the border crossings of Naushki, Zabaikalsk, Grodekovo, Nakhodka-Vostochnaya.

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