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The CCTT organized the international conference and the Changchun Symposium (PRC).

The CCTT organized the international conference and the Changchun Symposium (PRC)

The International Conference on Global Intelligent Container Monitoring System and the Symposium on Logistics Innovation were held in Changchun (PRC) on 29-31 January 2019 with the support of the Jilin Trade Department as part of the One Belt, One Road initiative and the CCTT's activities to develop transit traffic along the Trans-Siberian route through the Far East region.
The events were organized by the CCTT Secretariat and Changchun International Land Port (CCILP), and co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jilin Province, the Changchun Xing Long Free Trade Zone Steering Committee, and the Xi'an Microelectronics Research Institute.
The conference and symposium was attended by heads and authorized representatives of the Jilin provincial administration, the Changchun (Xinglong) Committee on Integrated Customs Zone Management, the Committee on Import and Export, the Chinese Inspection and Certification Group, the Chinese Association of Communications and Transport, the 771st Institute of the 9th Academy of the Chinese Aerospace Scientific and Technical Group (Xi'an Research Institute of Microelectronic Technology), the customs services of China and Russia, railways and transport and logistics companies.
One of the main goals of the event was to promote the latest information technologies in the field of transport and logistics. In particular, the Managing Director of CCILP Roger Zhang presented the latest Chinese development - an innovative IT-product based on the global intellectual system "CARGO DOG" Smart Container, which provides monitoring of dislocation and safety of goods in containers.
The participants of the conference were very interested in the speeches of Gennady Bessonov, CCTT Secretary General Secretary, on the practical activities of CCTT for the development of container transportation of goods by means of transport in international traffic, K.V. Semion, Head of the Department of Informatization of JSC "Russian Railways", on the experience of information interaction within the framework of cargo transportation along the China-Europe-China route, and A.V. Kochukov, General Director of "Digital Logistics" LLC, on the development of the electronic trading platform "Cargo transportation" and the implementation of the CCTT project "Integrational digital platform".
The conference also included a seminar entitled "The Silk Road Jilin - New Trans-Siberian Corridor through the Hunchun border crossing". The participants were presented with successful intermodal container services offered along the Trans-Siberian route, and issues related to optimization of logistics processes were discussed in the working format.
During the excursion to the Changchun Container Terminal, the Multimodal Transportation Center of Customs Control and the Changchun Xing Long Free Trade Zone, it was noted that Jilin province has a large enough cargo base to develop the transportation of goods through the Hunchun border crossing (agricultural products, wood, automotive components, etc.), and the e-commerce center and the opening of an experimental point of international postal exchange will allow to organize the post item transportation by rail.
Within the framework of the event, a Memorandum on cooperation and interaction in the field of information technologies was signed between the "International Land Port of Changchun" (CCILP) and "Digital Logistics" LLC.
As a result of the conference, a Declaration was signed on the creation of the Alliance of the parties involved in the development and implementation of unified international standards "Smart Container" and other electronic software and hardware navigation and control throughout the route China - Europe.
It was noted that in order to ensure an appropriate level of digital interaction between the participants of the international transportation process and the national IT-systems, the CCTT should play the role of an integrated digital resource, which will make it possible to create a single digital transport and logistics space.


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