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TRILOGY conference on the sidelines of the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

TRILOGY conference on the sidelines of the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The CCTT took part in the TRILOGY conference on the sidelines of the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was held on June 2, 2021. 
The conference was attended by representatives of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the Baltic States and Northern Europe, the most important European institutions, heads of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, federal and regional departments, industry associations, educational and design institutes, as well as major transport and logistics companies. 
The conference is the most important discussion platform for discussing topical issues of transport and logistics development as a basis for international cooperation in the Greater Eurasia. The significance of the conference is determined by the special role of the North-Western region of Russia in international cooperation in the European direction. The development of infrastructure, the unification of rules and procedures, the development and launch of new investment projects in the field of transport and logistics, as well as the harmonization of positions and strategies will ensure the growth of the region as an integral part of the European transport system. 
This year, the key topics for discussion at the conference were: the transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2035; the development of the transit potential of international transport corridors; the development of multimodal transport in the Baltic and Barents Seas/Euro-Arctic regions; prospects for increasing cargo flows along the Northern Sea Route, development of infrastructure in the north of Russia and the EU to serve them; development of "green" transport infrastructure, reduction of environmental pollution.
In his speech, CCTT Secretary General Gennady Bessonov, noted the steady growth of container traffic in the China-Europe-China route through the Dostyk/Altynkol border crossings, and also pointed to the need to modernize the infrastructure of the Zabaikalsk, Grodekovo, and Makhalino border crossings in order to increase the capacity of the Far Eastern region and ensure uninterrupted delivery of goods in the Asia-Europe connection. In addition, he emphasized the need to develop the North-South corridor in view of its significant transit potential. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to coordinate and cooperate with all participants of this transport route, as well as to develop a clear and well-established mechanism of interaction. 

The conference was attended online by members of the CCTT, Alberto Grisone, Director of Development in Russia, the CIS and the Middle East, Hupac Intermodal Ltd and Harm Sievers, Deputy Chairman of the International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transportation (CCTT), President of the Group of European Trans-Eurasian Operators and Freight Forwarders (GETO), General Director of the Port of Mukran. In their speeches, they noted the main trends and measures taken by European operators in the development of container transport on Trans-Eurasian routes, including through the ports of the Baltic Sea using multimodal services. Dmitry Murev, General Director of JSC "RZD Logistics", informed the guests and participants of the conference on the results achieved by the company in providing cargo transportation from the ports of the Far East through the Trans-Siberian Railway using the infrastructure of Russian Railways. The representative of the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) informed the conference participants about the trends and prospects for the development of cargo transportation in the China-Europe-China route, and also noted the existing opportunities to increase the volume and speed up the delivery of goods by rail on ITC East-West.
The rail transport will be one of the main drivers of growth during the post-pandemic recovery of the global economy. In this regard, it is necessary to establish effective transport connectivity both between individual regions of the country and on the interstate level. 

Reference: The annual international conference "TRILOGY" is the most important discussion platform on the most actual issues of the transport and logistics industry. Traditionally, the conference focuses on the development of transport and logistics in the Baltic and Barents regions/Euro-Arctic regions, as well as international cooperation.


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