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Electronic train

Electronic train

General provisions

Within the limits of activity of the CCTT working group on IT development the noncommercial pilot innovative project «Electronic train» is developed.

At project development all newest legal statuses, accepted within the limits of the European Union and EurAsEC and directed on perfection of the international railway cargo transportation are considered. Progressive legal, technological and technical decisions of UIC, OSJD, CIT, national railways and the freight forwarders, optimizing document circulation are approved at the organization of the international goods transportation.

At the first stage «Ostwind» train is approved as a base object of introduction of the CCTT «Electronic train» pilot project.

The project purpose

The global purpose of the Project is to increase of competitiveness of the Trans-Siberian route by optimization of document circulation of the international goods transportation on the basis of development and introduction of through information technologies with use of electronic legally significant transportation and commercial documents.

Considering, that the container block train "Baltic-transit" and regular freight trains on the Finland - Russia route have serious progress in the field of electronic data processing, they will be included in the «Electronic train» Pilot-project at the second stage of realization of this project.

The CCTT project «Electronic train» is approved at 20th session of Council on transport policy at EurAsEC Integration Council.
Now, within the frame of the project, work on the organization of the international freight transportation using Through information technologies with go-ahead transfer of the electronic legally significant transportation and commercial documents, advancing cargo traffic is conducted.

The first container train from China to the Western Europe within the frame of the CCTT Pilot project «Electronic train», consisting of 50 x 40 ’ containers with office equipment, has been sent in November 2012 from Wuhan (China) and has arrived on a station of destination of Pardubice (Czech Republic) rapidly - 16 days. Such result has been reached thanks to effective cooperation of all participants of the Project: train operators of InterRail Holding AG group of companies, Chinese container operator China Railway Intermodal Transport (CRIMT), the Kazakhstan railways, the Kazakhstan container operator JSC Kedentransservice, JSC RZD, Belarus, Polish, Czech railways and Express Interfreight Brno company.

On December, 19th, 2012 within the frame of the CCTT Pilot project «Electronic train» from China (Chengdu) to Europe (Lodz) the second container train with 41 x 40 ’ containers has departed. Since railway transportation of computer equipment during the winter period is risky because of temperature conditions, experiment containers are transported as a part of a train for a practical estimation of these risks. So in one 40 foot container only one computer with measuring sensors is transported. Thus also the objective to show Chinese consigners the advantage in cargo delivery time by railway in comparison with sea is set.

Group of European Trans-Eurasian Forwarders and Operators (GETO)
Association of Trans-Siberian intermodal operators of Japan (TSIOAJ)
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport
Federal State Enterprise Security of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation
Federal Customs Service
The Russian Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistic Organizations
Azerbaijan Railways
Belarusian Railway
Lithuanian Railways
Latvian Railways
VR Group
Rail Cargo Austria
China Railways Container Transport Co.Ltd. (CRCT)
ČD Cargo
SNCF France
DB Cargo AG
HUPAC Intermodal
Mercitalia Rail
Delo Group
Global Ports
Federal Freight Company
InterRail Holding AG
InterRail Services GmbH
Port of Ventspils
Vostochny Port
Mukran Port-Ferry Port Sassnitz
Liaoning port
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