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CCTT together with UIC held the International Seminar "From Electronic Seals to Smart Containers"

CCTT together with UIC held the International Seminar "From Electronic Seals to Smart Containers"

On 24 April 2019, a joint CCTT/UIC seminar was held at UIC headquarters in Paris as part of the Security BIRC WG meeting under the chairmanship of CCTT Deputy Secretary General Natalia Stepanova and Director of the International Union of Railways (UIC) Freight Traffic Department Sandra Gehenot. 
The seminar was attended by representatives of CIT, BIC, Russian Railways, KTZ, the Federal State Enterprise "Departmental Railway Guard of the Russian Federation", GEFCO, the company "International Land Port of Changchun" (PRC), the Center for Economic Infrastructure, as well as managers and authorized representatives of the companies - manufacturers of electronic devices for monitoring and control of cargo safety - STRAZH (Russia), Belneftegaz (Belarus), Transtelecom (Kazakhstan).
The seminar discussed the issues of ensuring the safety of goods transported in container trains in the communication China-Europe-China, as well as presented the existing technologies for the implementation of electronic seals (CCTT project "Security Train"). 
Sandra Gehenot in her speech mentioned the growth potential of Eurasian corridors and stressed that the transportation of goods through the Eurasian corridors is a very dynamic and competitive sector, in which railways have clear advantages over other modes of transport. Railway companies in the Russian Federation also need to intensify their work in the area of quality, flexibility and ease of use in order to convince more customers to pay special attention to railways. The key to the success of innovative projects will be Russia's joint work on standardization management. The potential for digitalization to support growth was also mentioned. The last part of the workshop was devoted to border crossing aspects and coordination in case of intrusion.
At the end of the workshop, the required joint actions and further steps for the development of Electronic Storage Stations and SMART Container technologies were identified. 
The next steps were agreed upon at the workshop:
The need for unimpeded trade and a focus on door-to-door solutions;
Continue to work closely with international organizations, in particular BIC (on the business case for container users) and CIT (on the integration of digital technologies into legal processes);
The need for more systematic interaction with customs authorities;
Development of user specifications to facilitate the development of compatible technologies;
Coordination at borders in case of intrusion;



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