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VII CCTT Business Forum "Transsib in the Euro-Asian Transportation System: New Opportunities and Perspectives"

VII CCTT Business Forum "Transsib in the Euro-Asian Transportation System: New Opportunities and Perspectives"

VII CCTT Business Forum "Transsib in the Euro-Asian Transportation System: New Opportunities and Perspectives" was held on November 24, 2021 in the format of videoconference.

The forum was organized by the International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transportation (CCTT) and the Association of Trans-Siberian Intermodal Operators of Japan (TSIOAJ). The forum was supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (MLIT), the Russian Trade Representation in Tokyo and the Japanese Association of Trade with Russia and Newly Independent States (ROTOBO). The Forum purpose is to inform Japanese cargo owners and transport-logistics companies on the advantages of cargo transportation from/to Japan via Trans-Siberian mainline.

Members and partners of CCTT, TSIOAJ, ROTOBO, transport-logistics, industrial companies and research institutes of Japan, ministries, departments, customs, postal services and international organizations took part in the forum. It was moderated by G.I. Bessonov, CCTT Secretary General and Mr. Junichiro Watanabe, CCTT Vice-Chairman and President of the Trans-Siberian Intermodal Operators Association of Japan (TSIOAJ).

During the event Japanese freight forwarders and forum participants were introduced to the results of activities implemented by RZD OJSC on increasing competitiveness of the Trans-Siberian Railway, as well as measures taken by the Federal Customs Service of Russia to develop international transit, simplify customs procedures to accelerate shipping and its delivery. VR Transpoint, PKP Cargo, CCLIP, GK FESCO, PJSC TransContainer, JSC Vostochny Port presented advantages and new opportunities of modern intermodal container services in connection between countries of Asia Pacific region and Europe via Far East ports and also gave their answers to questions of Japanese carriers and shippers. Particular attention of the forum participants was drawn to the fact that today the constraint for a stable export-import logistics is a lack of port facilities on the Pacific coast of Russia and the lack of capacity of the railroad in the Eastern region. The importance and timeliness of decisions made within the framework of RZD OJSC activities were noted in the issues of digital transformation of business and transition to electronic document management. One of the key points of attractiveness of transport services at the moment is the speed of execution and provision of transportation services.

Mr. Kunio Orihara, TSIOAJ Secretary General informed on the achievements and current status of freight traffic from/to Japan, on the long history of close cooperation with the CCTT on the development and competitiveness of the Trans-Siberian mainline and on the promotion and development of logistics field and business in the private sector in Japan. Based on the results of test shipments from Japan via the TSR it were noted the high speed of cargo delivery and optimal transit time, tariff advantages of container cargoes transportation to Europe by railroad against the background of rising rates of Deep Sea freight, quality and safety of transportation, cargo monitoring system. It was noted also rapid growth of container transportation volumes between Japan and Europe via Trans-Siberian mainline in 2021.

The experts and forum participants have single opinion in stating that the logistical crisis of the recent years has made it evident that the Trans-Siberian corridor is an important and promising direction for increasing the freight traffic with the Asia-Pacific countries and, particularly, with neighboring Japan. An important condition for this is the development of transport infrastructure in Southern Primorye.

The joint CCTT/TSIOAJ Business Forum has been held annually at the site of the Trade Representation Office since 2015 and gathers a large number of participants, stakeholders from Europe and Asia. The main issues discussed during the forum help to stimulate the development of Far East transportation and increase the attractiveness of the Trans-Siberian mainline. At the end of the event, the leaders of CCTT and the TSIOAJ expressed their hope to hold the VIII Business Forum in Tokyo in 2022 to meet each other in person.


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